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When your family life confronts you with questions regarding the upbringing of your children.

When their behavior demands for a different approach.

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“This was no chance provocation on the part of the doctor, and so, in all probability, the most obvious reply wasn’t the right one. In the past, the doctor had mentioned the fact that paradoxes help us to understand reality and solve problems. Expecially those of a disturbed psyche.


It’s an old Zen reddle, which also has a scientific basis, though I‘m not going to bore you with that. The function of Zen riddles – they are called koans– is to confront the pupil- in this case, you – with the contradictory, paradoxical nature of reality. This helps to draw attention to the multiplicity of possible answers to problems of existence and aim to awaken conscousness. In some ways they have a similar function to the practice of analysis.”

From: The Silence of the Wave. By Gianrico Carofiglio